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Download Mp3: Power And Encounter – Apostle Joshua Selman

Daniel has been fasting and praying. The Prince of Persia was the territorial spirit accross the land of Persia. So when angel Gabriel was bringing the answer, the solution to Daniel’s prayer, that Prince of Persia stopped him. The prince of Persia has been put in that territory to make sure that breakthrough do not come to men, to make sure that men are not lifted. But there is a man in the earth realm who kept praying and while he prayed, it was on the strength of his authorization that made Angel Michael who is the Angel in charge of war to fight on behalf of Daniel.

Every land has territories and there are spirits there to hinder prayers. There is a spiritual dimension to life and there are some certain things that will never manifest in your life if you don’t prevail in prayer. Don’t let anyone fool you and tell you that the story of Daniel was the old testament and in the new testament, when you pray it just happen. See, for you to pray and receive from God, you must first of all gr… You really need to listen to this powerful teaching!

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