Download Mp3+Video: Ryan Stevenson – When We Fall Apart

Today, award-winning artist and songwriter Ryan Stevenson announces the release of a personal new single, “When We Fall Apart.” Stevenson specifically penned the song for his mother, Phyllis Stevenson, and chose to debut the song today, the 10th anniversary of her passing.

“My mom died ten years ago today from bone cancer,” Stevenson openly shares. “The last words she spoke to me are the words to this song. Even in the face of imminent death, she was pouring out wisdom and words of healing and encouragement to me that it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to grieve, it’s ok to fall apart. We are all going to experience loss at some point to some degree. This song has been my way of working through and navigating one of the most painful storms of my life. I hope it encourages you to do the same.”

An emotional music video for the song also debuts today, which can be viewed below. The video was directed by Dustbrand Films’ Nathan Corrona (Lecrae, Crowder), and the single was produced by Micah Kuiper and mixed by Bryan Fowler, both for Man Cub Music House.

Stream and download below…


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Also watch video below…

Originally posted on March 4, 2021 @ 8:53 AM

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