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DOWNLOAD Strength And Beauty By Citizens [Mp3+Lyrics]

Download Strength And Beauty By Citizens Sensational Foreign Singers Citizens releases Their new Song Title, Strength And Beauty. download below.

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Strength and beauty
Deep in our blood
We separate it
Profane the pages
Hatred taken over our eyes
And we defend it
Reform repentance
Violence stealing
Love from our lips
We justify it
Go on divided

Grace and brilliance
Flow through our veins
But we defy it
Placate the crisis
Justice cratered
Under our fists
But we deny it
Pass on the virus

Hear the broken singing…

I see a shadow of survival
I see a star light in my dreams
I see a cursed forgotten child
I see the tears drip down her lips
I see a stone made from a Bible
I see a bruised and beaten skin
I see the fear that keeps her silent
I see a bird with broken wings
I see a cold dejected diamond
I see her dug out of the mud
I see a soul no longer frightened
I see the life rush through her blood
I see her crying turn to laughter
I see her dancing in the rain
I see her hope in this disaster

Oh I see it!
Oh I see it!
Oh, oh!
Do you see it?

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