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DOWNLOAD Ekele By Samsong [Mp3+Lyrics Song]

Download Ekele By Samsong. Sensational African Singer Samsong releases His Song Title, Ekele. download below.

Also watch video below.. 



Ekele, ekele, ekele
K’anyi jiri bia
Verse 1:
God of all the islands
God of land and sea
God of all creation
God of everything
The creator of all createst
Master and king
Master of the masters
King of all the spirits
Chukwunwike, onyedike
Ebube dike n’agha
Odighi onye yiri gi
Onye di uku
Amama amasi amasi
Ebube dike n’agha
Onye nji eme onu o
Ekele, ekele, ekele
K’anyi jiri bia …2x
God of power and might
King of all the spirit
We ascribe to you adorning your name
Our hands we give
Glory that is due to you
And forever your truth shall reign
Verse 2:
We bow our knees to worship
Fall down at your feet
All creation come and bow
Singing glory to the king
He gave orders to the mountain
Taught the sun how to shine
Told the wind where to blow
Splash the dust up in the sky
Put the heavens into his hands
The mountains and hills they bow their heads
The princes of the earth lay down their crown
Laudation to our king
He’s Jehovah El-shaddai
Jehovah El-shaddai
Jehovah El-shaddai
Chukwunwike …
Onye ukwu, onye mmeri
Oke osimiri, idi omimi
He’s Jehovah El-shaddai …


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