DOWNLOAD EMERGENCY! By Sik World [Mp3+Lyrics Song]

Originally posted on January 20, 2022 @ 12:45 AM

Download EMERGENCY! By Sik World Sensational Foreign Singer Sik World releases His Song Title, EMERGENCY!. download below.

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Yo, yo, yo, haha

Sik World bitch, you ain’t heard of me?
Yeah that’s a lie, that’s absurd to me
Get the fuck out, you better move with urgency
‘Fore I bug out, and cause a damn emergency
You independent rappers better learn from me
I got hella major labels tryin’ to work with me
And nowadays, a hundred pay straight dirt to me
That’s boss talk, I say it with certainty, bitch
Y’all better back down, I’m getting hella money every year, I’ma cash out
I’m slowly striking anybody asking for hand-outs
So when you see me in public, I know you gon’ fan out
I’m in the bathroom stall with my pants down
I’m getting head from your girl, and she’s sticking her ass out
No WWE but she’s about to get smacked down
No wishes so I’m late, I know you can just pass out
Shouldn’t of been talking
Bitch, I do this shit often
When you see me, better walk with precaution
I’ma lay the beat inside of a coffin
Bitch I came to feast on all of you artists
Just admit defeat, that would be the smartest
You gon’ pay the fee, there isn’t a bargain
Suck my D-I-C-K until it hardens
When you get money you become a target
So I stay lowkey, I do it regardless
Bitch I’m living dreams, you’re not gon’ have started
You’re about to see the Joker in Gotham
You’ll look up and see “I think it’s a Robin”
Knows it’s Sik World, he’s causing hella problems
I’ma kill your team this time, no responding
Ravish your scheme, but they get no responses
Where is my crown? Bitch, know that I’m king
See me rebound, I ball like Kyrie
It’s me, myself and I say hi to my team
Step aside when I arrive or I might leap
When I check my Spotify and see my streams
My eyes get hella wide because of what they see
These guys tryin’ to deny all the hype that I bring
Are guys who careers died and they ain’t in my league, oh
You salty bitch, I like white girls like Halsey, bitch
Tryin’ to play me, that’s ballsy, bitch
Blah-blah-blah, stop talking bitch
I’ll feel bumpy but the flow’s so nice
These internet trolls, they ain’t got no life
Dumb lames on the gram, mad with no likes
I can tell you’ve been bitch-made your whole life
My suitcase is all Gucci’d out
Y’all just saw, I bought a new house
That girl on Snap? I flew her out
After I smashed, I threw her out
I get her hot, and I cool it down
I’m traveling, I move around
I’m me, I don’t care who’s around
You used to win, but you losin’ now
Simply put, pay me my respect
This is bigger than some money or a check
This a decade independent being pressed
No co-sign and feature, and still got ahead
It’s for ownership and not giving a percent
It’s self-belief and accepting nothing less
I don’t live in debt, my daughter is set
I am hella blessed, I flex on my ex

Woo, haha
Yeah, it’s not a Sik World song if I don’t mention my ex, right?
Haha, yo yo

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