#ENDSARS: Christian Creatives, Others Embark on ‘Prayer Walk’ in Nigeria

Originally posted on October 14, 2020 @ 4:58 PM

The quest to enforce a total end to police brutality in Nigeria has massively increased in recent days as youths all over the country are bent on having their request granted by the Government.

Top of the list of demands is Justice for all of the deceased victims of police brutality and adequate compensation given to their families. The Gospel industry has not been left out of the massive campaign to spark a change in the nation.

Joining the peaceful protest to bring Government attention to uprising issues in the country are Christian creatives across various niches who have combined together to have their voices heard.

Afro-Hip Hop Sensation and Christian artist, Limoblaze has in recent days initiated a Prayer Walk campaign to spiritually intercede for the country and its inhabitants. Joined by other notable Christian creatives including Angeloh, Gaise Baba, Kelar Thrillz, and a host of others, what started out like a centralized plan has now spread to other parts of the country.

“My dear Christian brothers & sisters, the weapons of our warfare have never been carnal, so yes we would march tomorrow Sunday, we would make declarations, men would hear our voices but most importantly heaven will hear us! Share this aggressively & join us tomorrow as we #Prayerwalk“ – Limoblaze shared on Saturday, Oct. 10.

The Prayer Walk aimed at restoring Sanity and Unity to Nigeria has now been adopted in other major cities in Nigeria. Creative Christian Youths in Kaduna, Abeokuta, Ikorodu, Osogbo, Ogbomoso, Ilorin, Minna, Ota, Jos, Akure, and other parts of the country have joined the positive cause in bringing calmness, peace, and effective governance through effective prayer and intercession.

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