DOWNLOAD Everything And More By Citizens [Lyrics Song]

Originally posted on May 9, 2022 @ 2:07 AM

Download Everything And More By Citizens. Sensational Foreign Singers Citizens releases Their Song Title, Everything And More. download below.

Also watch video below…



We have tried to make you small
To fit inside these narrow walls
We have built you all these rooms
But you just keep expanding

We have fought with so much fight
We have held on, knuckles white
Well, thank God, that you eclipse
All our shallow understanding

Deeper than deep
Brighter than bright
More than our words could ever do to describe
Truer than true
Purer than pure
you’re everything and still you are more

Everything and more

What a thrill letting go
To admit what we don’t know
Take a breath, open your hands
We are just beginning

More than we ever thought
We couldn’t dream it up
We’ll spend forever with you
Won’t find the edges of you
You’re our eternity
Infinite destiny
Go on forever with you
Won’t find the edges of you

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