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The church of our time is in dear need of the spirit, fire and power of God that people like peter and the apostles used to quench tge lying spirit even in the church. That level of operation may be there but not amplifying and resounding. We tell lies on the pulpit to prove to men that we have God, but not know that a mere act of lying makes us void of God.
In Joel 2v28-29 God promised the release of THE “holy spirit“, bible calls Him the spirit of truth, but the opposite is prevalent in our time. that promised spirit, did not come until Jesus had died willfully and was squeezed for the spirit to fill the upper room and fill the apostles with; life. John 6v63, boldness 2thimothy 1v7 you must first be filled with the spirit to live a life of Christ even on the earth.
And in this nation, at a time like this that we are, we are dear need of that spirit.


spirit of the living God
We want to see you in our midst
Spirit of the living God
Come take your place and have your way 2*
Repeat chorus

Solo 1
Come and have your
Come and your will
Send your fire down on us
Breath your fire into me
Set my soul on fire let burn within my soul.


Second chorus
Oh oh oh oh oh (2*)
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (2*)

Solo 2
We want to see you God
We want to know you
Lord we want to be like you
Like the days of Pentecost
Your fire everywhere your spirit overflowing 2*

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Originally posted on October 7, 2020 @ 5:42 AM

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