If You Are Not Called To Filmmaking, You Are At Risk Of Failure- Kunle Adepoju.

By Kunle Adepoju

Hello everyone, I welcome all the great minds to this great page where we discuss issues about Filmmaking, most especially the gospel side of filmmaking.

Today, we are looking at the Topic I called ” IF YOU ARE NOT CALLED, YOU WILL FAIL”
Let me start by saying this, failure doesn’t only mean falling where others succeed, you can be successful yet fail but I am very certain that you can’t fail when you are rightly fulfilling a purpose and purpose is hard to fulfill without the backing of the sender.

Is it possible to come into gospel filmmaking without being called? Yes!
Is it possible to passionately produce gospel films without being born again? Absolutely Yes! Is it possible for anybody from another religion to write a gospel story? Yes!

All these are absolutely possible with passion for the sector and burden to produce great contents and I tell you there are great film stories in the gospel. From the Bible stories, Passion for the Christ came and now The Chosen is ongoing.
But if a professional is not called to do this. I tell you he will fail. How do I know this?

First, there was a man, very passionate about the success of his country Isreal, but the enemies were heavy on them, destroying their farms and leaving them in penury. This man called Gideon rose up to save his country, trying to gather wine at the winepress before the enemies come to destroy them. And God saw him that his efforts will produce success but he will not be fulfilled without God’s backing. And there came the Spirit of God to back him up. You can read his story in Judges chapter 6. This backing is the assurance he needed to stand to face the destructive enemies. This backing is the CALL.

Secondly, Jesus our Redeemer, had the passion to save the world from sin, as powerful as he is, He must be confirmed before he can be successful in the assignment. And there came the voice “This is my beloved Son…”

I have no doubt that you can be a Muslim or a traditionalist or an atheist or even a Christian, yet produce a successful “Christian” movie but the truth is that you are at the risk of purpose if you don’t have God’s backing to do this.

The first call is that you must have the gene of the Kingdom, you must be born again. Gideon was an Israelite.

The second call is what will lead you to the purpose and help you overcome its risks.

Thanks for reading, God bless you.

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