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Vincent Nyam, the celebrated Reggae music icon known by his stage name “Jah Device,” has once again captivated the airwaves with his latest gospel reggae single, “Hail Up.” This track is a gift to his dedicated fans and gospel reggae enthusiasts not only in Nigeria but also across Africa and beyond.

Jah Device is known for consistently setting high standards with his music releases, and fans have often wondered why his tracks are not more frequent. His influence has transformed people’s perceptions of reggae music in Nigeria, earning him a special place in the country’s music industry.


“Hail Up” can be described as a reggae gospel anthem, featuring a classic reggae riddim. The riddim is a reinterpretation of the late Eddie Fitzroy’s hit track “First Class Citizen,” originally produced by the Musical Ambassador Trevor Elliot in 1983.

Jah Device’s unique sound has resonated with music enthusiasts worldwide, and a lesser-known fact is the crucial role played by his wife, Eunice, who provides sultry backup vocals on “Hail Up” and many of his previous works, underscoring the family’s musical synergy.

The uplifting single “Hail Up” has been released by Zigedub Productions and is available on all major digital platforms for music lovers to enjoy.

When asked about the inspiration behind the track, Jah Device explained, “The inspiration just came heavy on me to Hail the true name of Christ. The ancient Phoenician nomenclature of Christ. So the main purpose and message also is to proclaim his true name in these end times.”

Jah Device’s commitment to his music and message continues to make a significant impact in the world of reggae, offering a unique blend of faith and reggae rhythms for all to appreciate.

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