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Moses Bliss Ministers Powerfully in Kampala, Uganda

Popular Nigerian gospel artist and songwriter, Moses Bliss was present at the Thanksgiving and Miracle Service of the Phaneroo Ministries held live in Kampala, Uganda. The event was a mammoth gathering of people from all over the East African Nation.

The Thanksgiving and miracle service was organized by Apostle Grace Lubega the lead pastor of the Phaneroo ministries. Apostle Grace Lubega is a voice for God in East Africa doing the untold for God and making a massive generational impact with heart-shaking results.

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Minister Moses Bliss was so pleased by the warm welcome that he received. He expressed His joy on social media and he described the event as “an unforgettable experience in which Uganda will not recover from”

Apostle Grace Lubega was recently in Nigeria for the 2023 edition of WAFBEC hosted by Pastor Poju Oyemade of The Covenant Nation Church. Apostle Grace Lubega’s services at Phaneroo Ministries Make Manifest is attended by over 500,000 people weekly both at the service and virtually and on Television. The physical services are attended by over 5000 people in Kampala.

Apostle Lubega is a Ugandan senior pastor and founder of Phaneero Ministries Make Manifest which is headquartered in Kampala Uganda.

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