Phila Ntuli – Make A Way – BusySinging Gospel

Make A Way Phila Ntuli

Song Duration:
00 Hr
03 Min
51 Sec

Phila Ntuli is a singer/songwriter from Durban, South Africa who signed to BiG Light Records. He has released his debut single Privilege a few months back and Make a way is the title of his new single. His purpose in life is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ,vocally and musically. As clichè as that may sound, it is in actual fact what he believes. He likes to believe that the real reason behind every talent given to man by God, is a tool that should be rightfully used to glorify God, no matter how seemingly little it may come across to its beholder or those around. Of course there are a set of other things hed like to believe are to some degree a purpose needing fulfilment, but the core of them all is this one in particular.

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