DOWNLOAD Respect By Steven Malcolm [Mp3+Video & Lyrics]

Originally posted on June 4, 2022 @ 11:44 PM

Download Respect By Steven Malcolm. Sensational Foreign Singer Steven Malcolm releases His Song Title, Respect. download below.

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Ss, yeah
Midwest, west

[Verse 1]
Sango sent the track, I told him “Boy, I’m on it” (Hey)
I’ve done met some people make me question motives (Let’s go)
Industry be tricky, gotta watch who closest (Ss)
It’s only when you winnin’ that they taking notice (Go)
Okay, Midwest, I’ve been grindin’ every since 2010 (Midwest)
Back on Lafayette, I’ve never been basic, yeah
Lit just like a candle, then I pen greatness
Piecе of cake, watch the boy demonstratе, yeah (Skrrt)
Give me the ball, I fade or take it up all the way, yeah (Hey)
Went to the mall today, I bought me up all the bape, yeah (Go)
Swerve in a drag race, I’m pickin’ up all the pace, huh
I’ve been in the gym lately, come catch you a bald fade, yeah (Hey)
I don’t tolerate no disrespect, you get checked, ayy
Talkin’ sideways, now you regret tryna step, ayy
No more fake ’round me, you get dap with the left, ayy
Clout chasin’, that there what I call fake, yeah
Respect (Respect)
Y’all might just give an I-I nice, huh?
Let no man here fear for his own life

[Verse 2]
Mama, she told me that I can do anything, just put my mind to it
Cranium vision, I write with precision, now look at what God doin’
To keep it a hunnid, I came from the bottom, now look at my influence
Been doin’ what they said I can’t, and it ain’t goin’
Where the devil wanted to go, boy
I remember late nights sleepin’ in hotel room
Sister had to pay the rent with strip money
Mama creepin’ with the neighbor
Had to hold the burner after gettin’ jumped, yeah (Bow, bow)
They asked me why I’m humble, I came from the slums, yeah
Honestly, I’m like the highest grade in the dispensary
Probably how I control the game, I know it’s meant for me
Blessed to see the dream, I live it like I know it’s destiny
Nineteen, graduated, cap and gown ’round here (Go)
Five years later gettin’ signed, big sound ’round here (Go)
Ain’t nobody keepin’ up, I run the town ’round here (Go)
Had to double back, was way too many clowns ’round here
Had to move a couple pieces, now we poppin’ ’round here (Sheesh)
True character gon’ come out when there’s pressure ’round here (Hey)
Diamonds on me ’cause I been through the test ’round here
True saint, boy, I live for the blessin’ ’round here (Hey, hey)
Too lit, dem boy fire how I set it ’round here (Hey, skrrt)
I live wit’ no limit, I whip like a chemist
My name in your mouth, but I am not a dentist
Set record like Guinness, the people my witness
My pen and my pad turn me into a menace
Again and again gotta sprint to the finish
I get in my bag and everybody listen
I don’t mean to brag but I gotta get it, man, I’m out

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