SAINt JHN – Just For Me

Sensational Foreign Gospel Singer “SAINt JHN” releases his new song title “Just For Me” featuring SZA.. kindly stream, Download and share to Your lovely ones… Thanks

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[Verse 1: SAINt JHN]
She beautiful, I know that she knows it
Then my heart gets involved and it’s out of my control
She’s too beautiful to just ignore it
So I lay my hands on her head and say “Baby, you’re mine”
This feeling’s unusual
Faith and love are all I know
She’s the kind you can’t let go
So, so, I learn to fall in love

[Pre-Chorus: SAINt JHN]
With the lows and the midnight highs
The pills and the pain and the bad advice
I swear that I’m doing it one last time
Falls in love
With the fire, baby it got cold cold
She’s gonna set fire to everything I own
She never does, I know

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[Chorus: SAINt JHN]

(You’re just for me)
I wanna put my heart (She’s just for me)
I would I wanna fall into your everything, just for me (She’s just for me)
I wanna give my all, but you could say that you don’t
(You’re just for me)

[Verse 2: SZA]
Is it too late for us? You’re inescapable
I run away from the thought of givin’ you more of my time, time, time
You try to catch your breath, you got away with murder
I grab a breeze of the sky and I gave you more of my shine
He’s so dangerous and he knows it
My heart in his hand and I’m out of control
He’s so bad, he can’t stay focused
And he’s told me all I need to know
Fall in love

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