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Download Start Again By Connor Price. Sensational Foreign Singer Connor Price releases His Song Title, Start Again. download below.

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Lotta things I wanna say
Had to put it on the tracks
I might make a few mistakes but
I aint ever looking back, yeah
I’m just here to entertain, I been
Training for this every day, wait
Tell the runners they should take their place and point the pistol to the sky then let it bang
I been waiting for this moment for a long time now
Lotta people said I couldn’t make it rapping well I guess we’re about to find out
No I didn’t listen
Put my head down and my pen down turn the lights out
Lifestyle of a night owl
Got their heads spinning like a light house
I’m too bright now (woah)
Starter Pistol popping yeah
Stopping aint an option no
Starter Pistol popping yeah
Stopping aint an option no
To me this is just a hobby
Ground floor I’m at the lobby
Only going up from here now
As I peer down at my competition
I’m far from average like a Harvard graduate
Bar for bar I’m like an armoured battle ship
Passion is burning like matches and furnaces
You better start practicing
As long as im loving this I’mma keep going
I get props every time I take my shot like im free throwing
Most of ya’ll just stuck in the past, afraid to fail so you tip-toe
Always talking about “before” like you’re trying to win a game of Bingo
Got some things to say you should let it out
Keep it all inside you’ll regret it now
And there ain’t no stopping me lately
Ive been planning this for ever aint it obvious baby
I just wanna work (yeah)
They tell me to stay (yeah)
Inside of my line but
I just wanna swerve out
No one expecting what I bring when im around
They like the sound but I gotta slow it down
Colder than a Minnesota winter in the middle of a blizzard
Or the shoulder of the woman that you’re yelling at
Hotter than a camel in a valley at the bottom of Nevada doing Molly in a sauna with the Devil that’s
Another way to say im blowing hot and cold
Dropping hail when its 100 degrees
Hop-scotching over obstacles cause all you squares just numbers to me
Every body taking cheap shots
Like they’re sipping on weak scotch
I’ll take everything you got I promise you ain’t ever gonna find a weak spot
Can’t handle what I spout, so I got em all steaming like a tea pot
Like politicians and free thought
Pushing all their buttons like a screenshot
Starter Pistol popping yeah
Stopping aint an option no
Starter Pistol popping yeah
Stopping aint an option no

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