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Toosii – Truth Be Told

Sensational Foreign Singer “Toosii” releases his new song title “Truth Be Told“.. kindly stream, Download and share to Your lovely ones… Thanks

Also watch video below…


Oh, oh, oh (ayy, yo, Nashi, you go crazy)

Lord knows I want that Audemar, but I ain’t rich yet
Truth be told, I hit your ho, won’t get your bitch back
I’ll hit my new bitch with a rubber, still’ll get checked
Them diamonds bustin’ out that Rolex, got my wrist wet
New bitch all on my line, told her she’ll be fine, ain’t give her dick yet
Told ’em I’ma pop out, I got options, I ain’t pick yet
Heard what they said, I’ma get ’em dead, but they ain’t blitz yet
We gon’ slide first, put ’em in that hearse, we don’t do get-backs, yeah

Said I don’t eat good, but I ain’t sick yet, I need a big check
And when I pop out with my new bitch, that’s a big flex
Said I wouldn’t be big, but shit, I did that, got a new crib, did that
Got a new car, did that, two times so I can’t sit back
And I’ll be damned a nigga blam me and I ain’t seen my kids’ kids yet
She wanna lay up, I told her I don’t do kickbacks


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