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DOWNLOAD Try Again By Aaron Cole [Mp3+Video & Lyrics]

Download Try Again By Aaron Cole. Sensational Foreign Singer Aaron Cole releases His new Song Title Try Again. download below.

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Life ain’t what I thought it was
I need a re-refund
They tried to take me for a fool
Playing by the rules is something I couldn’t do
I need a re-refund

So, what these people want from me?
Oh I, oh I

I tried to do it for the charts
I tried to do it from my heart
Since I was four, I was taught to be better than the next man
That ain’t in your plan
So imma try again

So, tell me why don’t I
Give you all my life
I just can’t get it right
Do you even know what this feel like?
I been on 10 since 10 this morning
We should’ve talked but I’m stressed from touring
Looking for answers where I’m at is feeling foreign
but it’s crazy I’m still scoring I feel
Some days I got this
Some days I’m not it
You said I’m righteous
But I don’t feel righteous
I’ve seen my idols fall
I had my rivals call
Been insecure like Saul
But I can’t lose it all
This nothing I don’t know
Can’t have my family broke
That’s why I’m trying

I’m tryna find me
But she hope this pressure make a ring
And I know
That it’s time
To make up my mind
I can’t let these people down
God help me please
I been in my head
And I know
That I ain’t been the best today
But imma try again

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