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Wande – Big God

Sensational Foreign Gospel Singer “Wande” releases her new song title “Big God“.. kindly stream, Download and share to Your lovely ones… Thanks

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(Big God, big God, WIN gang, gang, gang, gang)
You know, huh, big God, haha, big moves
(Been bought, set free, off the leash)
Lit Blande (​Wow eli, can you be a little more serious?)
That’s how we living
It’s lit

[Verse 1]
One life living, I don’t really get a redo
Walk by faith, let the Holy Spirit lead you
Heart is with the kingdom, I ain’t talking ’bout [?]
But The Father got me soaring real high like an eagle
Send your prayer up, Father, let me never leave you
It was really hard for us and it came up through a needle
Treasure up that don’t rust, so I run it up, gotta rеp JesusOoh, yeah

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I had to switch off the walk, yеah
I’m going in with my faith, ayy
You know I roll with the flock, ayy
I do not move with the haste, yeah
Yeah, He directing the plot, ayy
You know my gift is not wasted
I’m tryin’ to honor my pops, yeah
Big God, I know right (Sheesh)
Been bought, set free, off the leash, ayy
Would you know He wouldn’t try me?
With the Most High, highkey, yeah
Copy y’all, unlikely, yeah
Baby, y’all follow my lead, yeah
Feeling like a fresh white tee, ayy
Grace, that’s drip on me, ayy
Money can’t really buy me, ayy
Some of y’all pressed, that’s tea, ayy
Feeling like a fresh white tee, ayy
Grace, that’s drip on me, ayy
Money can’t really buy me, ayy
Worthless, couldn’t be me, ayy

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Taste And See – Hannah Waters

[Verse 2]
I ain’t fearin’ no man, what is he gon’ do?
God above leave ’em shocked like it’s Pikachu
See I’m walking by faith, all in spite of my fright
I ain’t gotta have sight, ain’t no peek-a-boo
If you out tryna sin, I can’t link with you
If ain’t in His will, I relinquish too
God is all that I need, see, I’m living indeed
But it can’t just be me, gotta free ’em too
Yeah, ooh, wow
OMG, He did it again, told ’em “Come and see”
Doing big tingz, now I got a big ring
See your girl had plans, but my God exceeds, ooh, wow
Ain’t too deep, but it really that deep, gotta change your lens
Go ahead and give a call, send a prayer, that’s all
Said you wanna be free, and I’ll see you in the east


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