DOWNLOAD Who That Is By Social Club Misfits [Lyrics Song]

Originally posted on August 12, 2022 @ 8:51 AM

Download Who That Is By Social Club Misfits. Sensational Foreign Singer Social Club Misfits releases Their Song Title, Who That Is. download below.

Also watch video below…



Who that is
Who that who that is
Who that is
Who that who that is
Social Club misfits, here we go, that’s right

Hold up
Who invited you to the party
My bad, you good I’m sorry
Got opps don’t trust nobody
I son these kids like Maury
Yeah, what you gonna do
Do the jitterbug like I’m 72
Ooooh the boy don’t run outta moves
Catch me moonwalking cross that —
Hold up, I didn’t bring the right shoes
And if I move wrong, imma need Jesus
Hold up you hear them knees cracking
Let’s get this bread I don’t need Atkins
Imma full blown mess, I don’t need napkins
You guys all talk, imma need action
They askin’ who I rep
If you don’t know now go and take a guess like

Ok, who that is
They ain’t know we could move like this
Bringing it back with the crew I’m lit
I’m living legit dodging 2×6
You do the math, watch me do my thing
Big stepper, walk like I got the tool on hip
I’m George Jefferson, effortless the mood I’m in
They know we represent heavy, watch me do my thing
Miami bass that’s vintage listen
Old school you ain’t know, pay attention
Streets on fire, same like my attire
You know we gone take you higher, even though I got a prior
Work harder, keep riding imma rider
Pull up with the family to your function
We gone slide up with this one we gone rep the crib
Break it down when you hear ‘em playing
Who that is Huh?!

Ladies and gentlemen,
Ooooohhh weeeeee, it’s your boy DJLAZ
And I got my boys, the Social Club Misfits
They decided to take this old school, Miami style
So I want you to repeat after me

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