Adeboye Visits Uba San Governor Of Kaduna State.

Enoch Adeboye Visits Uba San

-Pastor Enoch Adeboye Visits Uba San Governor Of Kaduna State

The general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, paid a courtesy visit to the governor of Kano State, Senator Uba San.

The clergyman was received at Sir Kashim Ibrahim Government House in Kaduna on Sunday the 11th of February, 2024, ahead of the RCCG National Light Up Crusade held in the State for two days.

Senator Uba San, expressed his delight towards the success of the light up crusade and the impact the christian community has had in the state. He said;

Enoch Adeboye Visits Uba San

“It is a rare honour and privilege to welcome our iconic evangelist, Pastor Enoch Adeboye to Sir Kashim Ibrahim House. From the academia to the pulpit, yours has been a life devoted to the service of life and humanity; you have touched lives too numerous to mention. You have continued to mentor and inspire the young and old.”

“Many Nigerians are losing hope and are being cautious about the future, as we are going through difficulties from the past. However, right now we have a President who is determined, focused and ready to take our country to higher heights. With your intervention and prayers, I believe that our President will certainly get it right,” Governor Sani added.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, while emphasizing that the current state of the country isn’t at its best due to various challenges, he noted that the country still is a blessed nation.

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“I’m in Kaduna again as it has become clear that the problems our nation is facing is more than political and will require some spiritual solution. We have been going round in our way to support the efforts of governments to call on the almighty to come to our aid as we need help.

We are holding crusades as a means to gather the people together to let them know tomorrow will be alright. We believe firmly that people need this kind of encouragement because when people lose hope they do strange things. Youths are running away from Nigeria, and those who cannot run anywhere people begin to think of taking their own lives.

“We would keep on assuring them that God will not forsake our nation and so we’ve been to several states and today we are in Kaduna for the 2-day crusade at the stadium.” Pastor Adeboye said.


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