Adeyinka Okeleye: Breaking Barriers with Gospel Music on Platforms | The Nigeria News.

Gospel musician and songwriter, Adeyinka Olanrewaju Okeleye, is surprised by the large number of people from different countries that he is reaching through his music as a result of technology.

Okeleye says he uploads his music on YouTube, Spotify, and other technology platforms, “and the impact I am having in the lives of people across the world, from Brazil, USA, France, among others has been staggering.

“People who do not speak English send me messages appreciating my creativity, and this means a lot to me.”

The graduate of sociology and anthropology from Bowen University, however, feels confined to just the church is one hurdle he would like to crash.

He says: “As a gospel musician and worship leader, I think the major challenge is being confined to just the church.

“Everyone feels the beginning and entire journey of a gospel musician and worship leader is to be confined to the church, when scriptures has even given us the ordination to go to all the nations of the earth.

“It’s a major setback but we are rising above it daily as our walk with God gets better.”

On how he received the ministration for some of his songs, Okeleye said: “For example, Toluwanimi was a song I received in 2022 while I was retreating and it simply means I’m God’s own.

“It is a sound that reaffirms who’s I am, and I will not forget and will continue to let the whole world know. I’m proudly ABBA’S SON. Irrespective of all the happenings, people giving up on their heritage in Christ and also where God has placed them because of the happenings around them. I’m in no way against moving or relocating but if God has placed me here its for a reason and I’m totally yielded to that until he says move. But I will not move because of some uncertainty or struggle around the system or polity

“Also, Chukwumonso refers to God the Holy Spirit. We are in His dispensation and in order to get the best of life we must be yielded to Him.”

On how he actually began in music, Okeleye said: “I started singing at age eight ,in the junior choir.

“I used to listen to my mom sing and lead the choir during my formative years , it was a beautiful sight to behold. She was always an inspiration to me. I grew up watching her, then I was in the university and joined the choir as well. But it was during my NYSC I knew that this is what God has called me to do and I’ll do it till my last breath.”

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