Fellowship With Mthunzi Namba – Kukhon’ Igama Ft. Sibongiseni Ndlovu & Thembelihle Mthethwa [Live In Bryanston 2022] » Ubetoo

In a powerful live performance, gospel maestro Mthunzi Namba delivers a stirring rendition of “Kukhon’ Igama,” featuring the vocal talents of Sibongiseni Ndlovu and Thembelihle Mthethwa. Recorded live in Bryanston in 2022, the song emerges as a resonant call that echoes the depth of spiritual music in South Africa.

“Kukhon’ Igama,” which translates to “There is a Name,” is an anthem that reaches into the heart of gospel music tradition, offering a contemporary sound rooted in the timeless narrative of faith and hope. Namba, known for his profound influence in the gospel genre, along with Ndlovu and Mthethwa, elevates the live performance into an experience that transcends the ordinary.

As the live recording of “Kukhon’ Igama” makes its way to listeners, it brings with it the authentic atmosphere of the event, capturing the communal spirit and emotive power that only live gospel music can convey. The synergy of the artists, combined with the palpable energy of the audience, makes this release a significant addition to the catalog of gospel classics.

The release of “Kukhon’ Igama” is not just a testament to Namba’s artistry but also a showcase of the talents of Ndlovu and Mthethwa, whose contributions amplify the song’s impact. This track stands as a beacon of inspiration, reminding audiences of the unifying and uplifting power of gospel music.

As the song makes waves in the community, it is a reflection of the enduring appeal of gospel music and its ability to foster connection through shared musical heritage. “Kukhon’ Igama” is anticipated to become a staple in the playlists of gospel enthusiasts and a highlight for those who were present at its memorable live performance.

Kukhon’ Igama

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