God Is Not Contending Against Secular But Against Carnality

God Is Not Contending Against Secular But Against Carnality - ID CabasaGod Is Not Contending Against Secular But Against Carnality - ID Cabasa

The Dilemma of Ignorance

In the world of music ministry, a speaker addresses a prevalent dilemma—ignorance. Drawing from the scriptural reference “my people perish for lack of knowledge,” the speaker elucidates that the lack of knowledge does not equate to physical demise but rather points to perishing due to ignorance. The blame, they assert, cannot be solely placed on the church or the system, urging individuals to recognize their own role in seeking understanding. The speaker stresses the importance of not only having knowledge but also applying it, thereby avoiding misplaced blame.

Defining Terms and Breaking Stereotypes

The discussion delves into the need for a proper understanding of terminology. The speaker challenges preconceived notions, citing examples like the misinterpretation of “ministry” as a Christian term rather than an English word. They argue for a distinction between worship and gospel, emphasizing that while worship is directed towards God, the gospel serves as the good news propagated to the world. The talk challenges stereotypes within the church, particularly addressing the identity struggle faced by Christian artists engaging in secular music. It calls for a broader perspective, one that appreciates the diversity of expressions in the broader music industry.

Balancing Faith and the Real World

A significant portion of the conversation revolves around the delicate balance between faith and the real world. The speaker encourages individuals to move beyond spiritualizing every aspect of life and recognize the practicality of existence. Using the analogy of farming, they compare the controlled environment of a nursery in the church to the less controlled environment of a farmland and the wild nature of a jungle. The church, often overly controlled, is likened to the nursery, whereas the world, with its unpredictability, is the jungle. The speaker contends that both environments are essential for growth and understanding.

Discipline Over Passion

While acknowledging the passion prevalent in the industry, the speaker redirects focus towards discipline. They stress the significance of discipline, highlighting that success is not the ultimate goal but rather an experience. The call is to seek greatness and contribute value to the world. The speaker advises aspiring artists to embrace discipline in their pursuits, emphasizing the need for education and understanding contracts in the ever-evolving music industry. They caution against the misconception that success equates to financial gain, urging a shift from mere passion to a disciplined approach.

In conclusion, the talk serves as a clarion call to Christians, especially those in the music industry, to navigate the intersection of faith and the real world. It advocates for a balanced perspective, emphasizing the importance of knowledge, understanding, and discipline. The overarching message is one of personal responsibility and growth, challenging individuals to move beyond stereotypes, seek greatness, and contribute meaningfully to both their faith community and the broader world.


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