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Movie Director, John Oguntuase has called out drama Ministers to be conscious of calling themselves content creator. He said this to keep his colleagues focused. Oguntuase in this exclusive interview with Gospel Film News also disclosed his plan for 2024 while reflecting on Gospel Film ministry in 2023. He further unveiled some secrets in this interview. Excerpt:

1. Could you please do a recap of how 2023 was in the Gospel Film Ministry.

If I am to describe or recap of 2023, I will call it a year preparation, because God has been faithful in somethings that God has done with us, it’s a good year but I call it a year of preparation. That’s basically how i will describe 2023.

2. John Oguntuase is known for movie directing, what other things do you do as a person.

Basically am an Evangelist, a representative of God in media space. I’m also into branding, all kind of branding, T-shirt branding, company branding and the rest. There’s nothing you want to do that I don’t have the network, if you want to buy a house come and contact me (laughs), anything at all. Alot of people commit different things into my hands because I have influence. As far as it it godly and holy I am open to any business.


3. What are your personal projection of Gospel films in 2024?


 This year is not only a year of preparation but a year of work, there will be a lot of work, there will be a lot of releasing of great productions, a better production, more advanced production and more technical productions that valve into Gospel Film. We will reach more lands and then there will be more recognition. People are ready to know us, some will know us more, because it has to do with a lot of work. Like someone said “the reward for a good work is more work.” Also in 2024 drama ministers should be conscious of not being a content creator than to be a person that will deliver the message. There is nothing wrong in being a content creator but there is a thin line in between content creation and then delivering God’s mind and message. If you are a content creator saying that this content is not engaging enough or making more money either on YouTube or Facebook or whatever you creating the content. Content creator want to make more content and so that they can make more money.


So, sometimes whether God want to pass a message to his people doesn’t matter to you, you just want to make content and make more money. Content creation is not a bad thing to do but if you don’t watch it you are going to leave God’s purpose for your life.

4. Afcon final: some people have attributed Nigeria Loss to spirituality while some say it’s physical. What’s your take?

About Afcon, it just a game of football, you loose some you win some, there is nothing spiritual about it. We have seen idol worshipping countries winning game, Islamic worshipping countries winning game, Christianity worshipping countries winning game, there is nothing spiritual about it.
This has to do with large level of commitment, preparation, determination and sometimes God can shine His grace on you which some people call it luck.

5. What film projects should we expect from you in 2024?

Prey will be coming out and some other movies, there will be a lot of work, but prey will be coming out. A whole year was dedicated to the post production of prey, no single week or day that nothing is not done on prey since it has been shot in April. Prey is like more than a year of post production. Trampled too was shot last year, I directed for Solid Rock Foundation, Power Couple I also directed for Precious Beloved Media and we put all our best into the quality of the production. A movie on Bros is also coming and a couple of movie.

6. Your word of advise to Gospel Film makers.

Trusting God for provision, we should be ready for great things because cost of living are getting more expensive in the country, let’s work according to budget. We should be ready for great things, push for more, we should not limit ourselves and we should not give up. My aim is to plant the banner of Christ at the mountain of entertainment and I’m still claiming the mountain.

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