INTERVIEW: I Have Featured In Over 100 Films- Abejoye Actor.

It will be shocking for many to know that Gabriel Tife Osunkorede who came to limelight after playing the role of a chief in Mout Zion Movie, Abejoye has featured in over one hundred (100) films. He made this shocking revelation in an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News publisher, Oluwafemi Dosu. In the interview, the Abejoye Actor disclosed how he started acting, some film projects he has featured in, his biggest shot in the movie ministry, amongst others. Excerpt:

1. How did you get into acting?

“My name is Gabriel ‘Tife Osunkorode. I began my journey into acting at a young age. When I was in primary four, my father in person of Pastor Ayo Osunkorode led a drama ministry called the Vision Music and Drama Ministry, which performed stage dramas at different churches. I joined them as a child actor and performed in many of their stage drama ministration. My passion for acting has been with me since I was a child, and I’m so grateful to God for the opportunities I’ve had to pursue it. It’s been an incredible journey!”

2. How many movies have you featured in so far?

“Through God’s grace, I’ve had the opportunity to appear in more than 100 films, including feature-length movies, short films, and skits. Gospel Film News. Some of my credits include Baba Eri, Mohuru, Abejoye, Egbere, and Arẹwà. I’m so grateful for each of these amazing opportunities!”

3. What’s your biggest shot in the gospel movie ministry?

“To be honest, I feel like my biggest accomplishment in drama ministry is still ahead of me. I’m still learning and growing every day. However, if I had to pick one accomplishment, I would say it was Night of Covenant, an annual program that the Lord gave to us. In 2022, we premiered the film Baba Eri as part of this program. And in 2023, we took it even further by producing our first theatrical production, Abortion, which was also the first of its kind in Ede Land. Gospel Film News. I feel so blessed to have been a part of these amazing programs! I’m excited to see what the future holds and to continue to grow as a drama minister. God has been so good to me, and I know He has even greater plans for me in the years to come.

4. How would you describe Gospel movies in year 2023, would you say there’s rapid improvement or still coming up?

“The year 2023 has been a year of rapid growth for gospel movies. Film makers are putting more focus on excellence in technical skills, storytelling, and acting. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the gospel film industry, as we’re seeing so much creativity and innovation. Gospel Film News. The best is yet to come – we’re just getting started! The sky is the limit for what we can achieve with God’s help and guidance.”

5. How would you describe your role in Abejoye and how did you get casted for the movie?

“Balogun Ologbenla, the character from the film Abejoye, is a personification of the devil’s wiles and deception. The character entices people with promises of wealth and power, only to lead them into corruption and shame. Balogun Ologbenla has no scruples and is willing to do anything to achieve his goals. He preys upon those with a reputation to lose, luring them into a web of deceit that ultimately leads to disgrace and even imprisonment. This character is a warning to all of us to be wary of the devil’s tricks and and to be on guard against temptation. Gospel Film News. It is a powerful reminder that we must stay true to our faith, no matter what the cost. Only then can we hope to resist the devil’s advances and remain strong in our convictions.

6. What’s your projection for Gospel films in 2024?

“Gospel films are on the rise in 2024! With the power of the Holy Spirit, we are seeing a surge in the production and distribution of faith-based films. I believe that God is using these films to reach people who may have never considered the gospel before. This is an incredible time for the kingdom of God, and I’m excited to see how He uses these films to change lives. The future of gospel films is bright!”

7. Your advise for upcoming actors and filmmakers.

“As an upcoming gospel actor and filmmaker, I want to encourage my peers to stay the course and trust in God. Don’t try to skip ahead or take shortcuts – God’s training ground is a place of growth and learning. And, remember not to compare yourself to others. Gospel Film News. You are unique, and God has given you a specific calling. Comparison is the thief of joy, so let go of that burden and follow your own path. I believe that if we do this, we will see great things happen in the gospel film industry. In Jesus’ name (Amen)

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