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By Oluwafemi Dosu

A resourceful Gospel filmmaker, Ayo Olaleye has thrown his weight behind auditioning for film projects, saying lack of Audition is why there are undisciplined, unprepared actors in the gospel films.


Olaleye otherwise known as cineman made this statement during and exclusive interview with Gospel Film News Thursday.


The filmmaker said audition is a pre-production exercise that guides the process of casting, It helps filmmakers to cast based on prowess, preparedness and discipline.

“I am not against prayer, but when you believe you can only pray to cast, then, I have a problem with that. This is why we have spiritual but undisciplined & unprepared cast and crew on set. Audition is like taking an entrance examination into an Academy. Sadly, some of our drama ministers give audition or casting call a bombastic side eye, thinking you are hijacking the duty of the Holy Spirit by considering Audition. So, if you call for audition, they will not come. The sooner we absorb this into the system, the faster we grow especially in the area of acting,” he added.

He reiterated that: “audition will also help us to discover new talents, otherwise, we would just be recycling the same faces. Meanwhile, there are many great actors in the Church today, waiting for an opportunity to join the squad. I have met some of them begging for opportunities. How can they have a chance if no one notice them? How can they be noticed if there is no audition? Holy Spirit will not do that for us, that is why we have a system.”


The filmmaker stressed that there is the place of table casting, where some people will be cast based on their already known abilities that has been seen in movies, but sometimes, even experienced and ace actor should be auditioned for certain film projects.

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