Limoblaze and Ada Unite in ‘Talk & Do’ Anthem -.

Limoblaze has joined forces with Ada Ehi, another celebrated gospel artist, to bless the world with their latest single, “Talk & Do”. This song is an exuberant ode to God’s faithfulness and unwavering promises, set to the captivating backdrop of Afrobeat rhythms. The call-and-response style lyrics echo the sentiment that when God speaks, His actions follow suit.

The Harmony of Trust and Reliability

In “Talk & Do,” the powerful voices of Limoblaze and Ada Ehi harmoniously affirm the trustworthiness and reliability of God’s word. This collaboration is a testament to the fusion of their talents, creating a musical masterpiece that uplifts and inspires.

An Artist’s Empowering Journey

“Talk & Do” adds to Limoblaze’s growing repertoire of empowering singles, including “Mind,” “Blow My Mind,” and “Okay.” Ada Ehi is no stranger to hit songs, with tracks like “Only You Jesus,” “I Testify,” and “Cheta” under her belt. Notably, this isn’t the first time these two artists have combined their talents; they previously collaborated on the song “Okay” in 2021.

Where to Listen

“Talk & Do” is available for streaming on various platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. It’s also a sneak peek into Limoblaze’s upcoming album, slated for release later this year.

In sum, “Talk & Do” is a soul-stirring anthem that showcases the exceptional talents of two of Nigeria’s most beloved gospel artists. This song’s universal message of trust and faith in God is certain to resonate with listeners worldwide.

Find the song on YouTube and immerse yourself in the harmonious celebration of God’s promises brought to life by Limoblaze and Ada Ehi.

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