Muslims Accepts Jesus In Gaza After Supernatural Encounter.

200 Muslims Accepts Jesus Christ

– Muslims Accepts Jesus In Gaza After Supernatural Encounter

Glory to God as over 200 Muslims in Gaza gave their life to Jesus Christ after a supernatural encounter.

According to report, it was recorded that the people gave their lives to Jesus after an encounter with him through dreams and vision.

Taysir Saada, a Muslim-turned-Christian noted this remarkable event in an interview with CBN.

According to Saada he said he trust that God is moving in Gaza, despite the war with Israel as over 200 Muslims accepts Jesus Christ.

“About 200 Gazans gave their heart to Jesus in one lump sum because the Lord appeared to them in visions and dreams and they were hugging each other and, you know, rejoicing and realized that all of them had the same vision that each one of them had,” Saada told CBN.

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“Despite all of the destruction that is taking place, I believe God has a purpose to get the Palestinians in Gaza to wake up and look at a different alternative to what they believe,” he told CBN.

“Many Muslims are looking for an alternative to Islam. I do believe we’re going to have a lot of revival, a lot of believers coming through. It’s already happening today.”

The head of the humanitarian organization Widows and Orphans, William Devlin said;

“There are a thousand Christians left in Gaza in a sea of 2.2 million Muslims, and these thousand Christians are now living 500 in the Greek Orthodox Church and 500 in the Roman Catholic Church.”

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