Olivia Lane Reveals Being An Atheist Before Encountering Jesus. If any of the following word/words is found remove it : guardian

Oliver Lane

American gospel singer Olivia Lane, in a recent interview, shared her testimony of how she was an atheist before having an encounter with Jesus in her living room.

According to statistics, it shows that the amount of people who believe that God exist is growing drastically.

The gospel singer noted that at some point she didn’t believe that God existed, considering herself an atheist until her life changing encounter.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, she talks about how she was transformed being an atheist to a believer in Christ.

She revealed that if God truly existed, he would definitely reveal himself to her, as she really needed to prove if God truly existed.

Olivia Lane noted that despite not being a believer, she would reach out saying if God was real, let him blow up her life, cause she really needed it.

Speaking on how she finally encounter God, she said;

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“In April 29, 2018, i was sitting in my living room reading a book, “Walking with God” by John Eldridge, that my therapist had recommended.”

While reading the book, particularly the sentence, “We are a world at war,” tears began to stream down her face. She added that she also sensed a presence in the room and then that’s when she noticed something odd.

“And so, I looked up into the window, into this beautiful blue-sky day, and I saw a shadow silhouette of Jesus with his arms outstretched,” she said.

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