Selina Boateng Opens Up About Her Depression After Child Birth, By The Experience Of Body Shaming.

Selina Boateng opens up about her depression after child birth, by the experience of body shaming

Selina Boateng bravely opened up about her battle with postpartum depression during her interview on the Delay show, bringing attention to a frequently neglected issue.

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Dispelling rumors linking her weight gain to overeating, she courageously admitted to the hurdles she encountered post-childbirth. Boateng shared the emotional turbulence she navigated, recounting moments of tearful distress without apparent cause, attributing it to the overpowering

A week after I gave birth in the US, I became depressed. I was saddened and could cry unprovoked. It is called postpartum depression. It lasted for about three weeks. That was when the weight gain started; I don’t know how it all started.

Selina Boateng

I am not alone in experiencing changes in my body after childbirth; it is a natural process. While some comments serve as motivation for me to embark on a weight loss journey, others are unnecessarily rude.

Selina Boateng

Selina Boateng is actively engaged in her weight loss journey, expressing her commitment to shedding pounds. She attributes her significant weight loss to consistent gym workouts and regular attendance.

I’m very active. It’s been sixteen days but it has been worth it. I know I have a long way to go.

Selina Boateng

Selina Boateng

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