Tonya Lewis Taylor on GM Lyrics Spotlight

Ms. Taylor is currently promoting the title single of her upcoming album,

“I Am More Than A Conqueror.” This song was born out of Ms. Taylor feeling overwhelmed with various struggles in her life – something we all can relate to at this moment.  A gifted and multifaceted performer, Taylor made Billboard’s Top 15 with her single, “Thank You” with the release of her debut album “Delayed But Not Denied”, and again hitting Billboard’s Top 20 with a song from her 2016 sophomore album, I’ve Got To Win entitled, “I’m a Winner”. 

Billboard Chart-Topping Artist, CEO, and Philanthropist Inspires Hope and Joy Through Her New Music

As the world copes with the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the horrible tragedies of police brutality, it is very easy for us to lose our sense of hope.


Tonya Lewis Taylor seeks to provide a powerful message to everyone that we are more than conquerors.

As the CEO/Executive Director of the New York City-based

Entertainers 4 Education Alliance/I WILL GRADUATE Program, she intimately understands the stress that working professionals are feeling, and has felt the effects of the changing economy. Additionally, as a mother and wife, she has felt the burden of supporting her household as her children have moved to distance learning – all while she contracted and recovered from COVID-19.

Despite these professional and personal struggles, Taylor has leaned heavily on her faith for guidance, and is using her artistic gifts to continue to motivate herself and others around her. This is evident in her new single,

“I Am More Than A Conqueror”. Recently described as “gospel at its hottest,” the song’s accompanying video has amassed approximately

43,000 new views and 260,000 impressions on YouTube in the past 90 days, a testament to Taylor’s inspirational message. Taylor plans to release her newest album, also titled

“I Am More Than A Conqueror,” in the coming months.

Taylor plans to continue inspiring others later this year through her new book,

“Be You, Not Her”. Although its release was delayed by the impact of COVID-19, Taylor remains determined to share the lessons she has learned over the course of her career with all who are willing to listen.

Taylor hopes that through her music, her upcoming book and her professional experience, she will embolden others to pursue their passions and overcome the obstacles we face in these times.

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“I Am More Than A Conqueror”, “Be You, Not Her”, and


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