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Gbenga Daodu is a man of many good parts. He is a multi Instrumentalist, singer, gospel minister and media consultant, all rolled into one.

The gangling dude started off working in the media space and then later moved into the gospel music genre, where he currently makes waves.

Gbenga Daodu who hails from Ilupeju, Ekiti in Ekiti State, had all his education – Primary, Secondary and Tertiary- in Lagos.

He studied Art, Design and Printing at the prestigious Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH).

“After my degree programme I worked with The Punch Nigeria Limited, publishers of The Punch newspapers and it was from there with God’s grace that I put myself in the environment of God, as a minister of God, singing, and then playing instruments, like David, doing that for God. I have been doing the work of God since then and also running my Outreach Program,” he told The Guardian.

Gbenga Daodu took on memory lane how he learnt to play some musical instruments in the church and even singing in the house of God.

He said that he started playing musical instruments at a young age.

“If I remember clearly, I started playing Musical Instruments at age 10. I was born into Christian family and my mum was a singer in the church as well as my siblings. I started developing myself by watching them do what they did then in church. That was how I learnt how to play Musical instruments. I started by learning the Conga and later the drum set and Sekere. I also learnt how to sing from my mum,” he stated.

For those who don’t know, the talented guy has also backed up for some gospel artistes, and he is not shy to talk about this.

“I used to back up for some artistes such as Irawo, Nike Akilapa  and so on and so forth. Asides from backup singing, I am also into the outreach ministry, preaching the world of God. God has been faithful since I started all these. Like I said earlier, I also play Musical Instruments like Conga, Drum set and Sekere,” he added

Gbenga Daodu has for some years now organized annual crusades, and gospel praise night concerts.

“I do these annually and I bring a lot of people together to listen to word of God through men of God and gospel artistes.  I invite different ministers of God to preach the word God Almighty and also praise God.

“In the past I have brought to praise nights top gospel artistes like Tope Alabi, Big Bolaji, Mama Bola Are, Bisi Alawiye and a lot of other gospel Ministers. We thank God for the success of these programs, as we mixed preaching the word of God and Music,” he enthused.

Who are his role models, you want to ask?

Since he became an instrumentalist, he said he looks up to Kenny G and the way he plays his Flute.

“He makes me remember David in the Bible, who plays the Harp to bring down the glory of God. I like other instrumentalists in Nigeria but I love the way Nathaniel Bassey uses the Trumpet. The way he handles the Trumpet is marvelous, he uses the Trumpet as a symbol just like David in the Bible used the Harp.”

Gbenga Daodu has a tall dream ahead of him and he is not shy to let you know where he is headed.

“I see myself in a very big way. With the assignment and gift God gave me as a singer,Gospel Minister and Instrumentalist, I see myself doing more exploits for God in a very big way in coming years.

“I see myself as an independent artiste in the coming years like Yinka Alaseyori on the global stage. She started off as a backup singer to some other  big gospel artistes but now she is on her own, doing extremely well for the body of Christ. I also see myself as a better instrumentalist, using my talent for God.

“If you take a good look at the world now, there are a lot of young boys, young girls out there with talent but they need help to nurture this talent. I see myself helping some of these ones in the coming years. In summary, I see myself as someone who is using his talent for God on the world stage with God’s help,” he said.

In all he has achieved so far and what he intends to achieve, Gbenga Daodu is excited of what God has helped him to achieve.

“Yes, I am fulfilled. I have been doing music for over a decade now and I can boldly say that I am fulfilled. Without God, who am I? The talent in me did not diminish.In the next coming year , I see myself in a higher place.

Gbenga Daodu’s musical performances are usually in his native Yoruba tongue, which is a skillful arrangement of traditional Yoruba melodies and rhythms that is unique to the  Yoruba people of Nigeria.

“I see myself in a place where people who see me would say; Is this not the Gbenga that we used to know, that will start together on rough ground, see him now doing good work as an instrumentalist and as a gospel artiste? I see myself in a very big place, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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