200+ Biblical Boy Names, Meanings & Origins (January, 2024)

This article focuses on Biblical boy names, their meanings, and origins. Names are the cornerstone of our identity. They are a crucial part of what makes us unique. In many cases, names reflect familial heritage, carrying stories and meanings that connect individuals to their ancestry. This link to family and history is not just a way of honoring the past but also a means of preserving one’s cultural roots. From a religious perspective, names can give insights into our knowledge of God, experiences, and testimonies.

In every culture around the world, a name is one of the first gifts given to a newborn, a fundamental aspect of our identity, and a lifelong companion. The importance of names extends far beyond mere labels used for identification; they are deeply intertwined with our identity, culture, and personal story.

Names often have cultural, historical, or religious significance. They can symbolize traditions, reflect societal values, or commemorate historical figures. In many cultures, the process of naming a child is accompanied by ceremonies and rituals, highlighting the cultural importance attributed to this act.

Research has shown that a name can influence a person’s self-perception and life choices. This is why is it recommended that would-be parents carefully choose names that can positively influence and shape the lives and destinies of their newborns. In the Bible, the lives of several men and women were shaped not only by their exploits and deeds but also by their names. In this article, we shall be looking at 200 Biblical boy names as well as the meanings of their names. Also, you might want to look at our article for Baby girl names, meanings, and origins of their names.

Biblical Boy Names and Their Meanings

Below are Biblical boy names and their meanings, as well as their origins.

1. Michael – Meaning “who is like God?” in Hebrew. Michael is one of the archangels in Hebrew tradition and the Bible.

2. Gabriel – Derived from Hebrew, meaning “God is my strength.” Gabriel is another celebrated archangel in Christian, Jewish, and Islamic traditions.

3. Haniel – Of Hebrew origin, meaning “Grace of God” or “Joy of God.” The name is sometimes spelled as “Hanniel.” Haniel is an archangel more commonly popular in the Jewish lore and regarded as one of the seven archangels.

4. John – Of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is gracious.” John is a significant name in the Christian tradition, including John the Baptist and John the Apostle.

5. Matthew – This name means “gift of God” in Hebrew. Matthew was one of Jesus’ apostles and the author of the first Gospel in the New Testament.

6. Luke – Of Greek origin, meaning “light-giving.” Luke was the author of the Gospel of Luke and Acts in the New Testament.

7. Peter – Derived from the Greek word “petros” meaning “rock.” Peter was one of Jesus’ apostles and is considered the first Pope by the Catholic Church.

8. Paul – Meaning “small” or “humble” in Latin. Paul, originally Saul, was an apostle who taught the gospel of Christ to the first-century world.

9. Andrew – Of Greek origin, meaning “manly” or “brave.” Andrew was one of the twelve apostles in the Christian Bible.

10. James – A variant of Jacob, meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew. There are two apostles named James in the New Testament.

11. Thomas – Aramaic for “twin.” Thomas was one of Jesus’ twelve apostles, famously known for doubting Jesus’ resurrection until he saw Jesus with his own eyes.

12. Ethan – Means “firm, enduring, strong” in Hebrew.

13. Noah – From the Hebrew name Noach, meaning “rest, comfort.”

14. Samuel – Hebrew for “God has heard.”

15. Daniel – Means “God is my judge” in Hebrew.

16. David – In Hebrew, it means “beloved.”

17. Joseph – From the Hebrew Yosef, meaning “He will add.”

18. Benjamin – Means “son of the right hand” in Hebrew.

19. Isaac – From Hebrew, meaning “he will laugh, laughter, he will rejoice.”

20. Joshua – Hebrew for “Yahweh is salvation.”

21. Jacob – Means “holder of the heel” or “supplanter” in Hebrew.

22. Jonathan – Means “Yahweh has given” in Hebrew.

23. Jeremiah – From the Hebrew name Yirmeyahu, meaning “Yahweh will exalt.”

24. Elijah – Means “my God is Yahweh” in Hebrew.

25. Isaiah – From the Hebrew Yesha’yahu, meaning “Yahweh is salvation.”

26. Caleb – From Hebrew, meaning “wholehearted” or “faithful.”

27. Nathaniel – Means “gift of God” in Hebrew.

28. Simon – Hebrew for “he has heard.”

29. Zachary – Means “Yahweh remembers” in Hebrew.

30. Timothy – From the Greek name Timotheos, meaning “honoring God.”

31. Adam – From the Hebrew word Adamah, meaning “ground,” “earth,” and “soil.”

32. Aaron – Of Hebrew origin, meaning “mountain of strength, exalted, strong.”

33. Abel – Means “breath” or “vanity” in Hebrew.

34. Abraham – From Hebrew, meaning “father of many.”

35. Amos – Hebrew name meaning “carried by God.”

36. Asa – Means “healer” or “physician” in Hebrew.

37. Asher – In Hebrew, it means “happy” or “blessed.”

38. Bartholomew – Aramaic origin, meaning “son of Talmai (furrows).”

39. Boaz – Hebrew for “swiftness” or “strength.”

40. Cyrus – Persian in origin, meaning “sun” or “he who bestows care.”

41. Eli – Means “ascension” in Hebrew.

42. Elisha – Hebrew for “God is salvation.”

43. Enoch – Derived from Hebrew, meaning “dedicated.”

44. Ezekiel – Means “God will strengthen” in Hebrew.

45. Felix – Latin for “happy” or “fortunate.”

46. Gideon – Means “hewer” or “one who cuts down” in Hebrew.

47. Isaiah – Hebrew for “salvation of the Lord.”

48. Jedidiah – Means “beloved of the Lord” in Hebrew.

49. Jesse – Hebrew for “gift” or “wealth.”

50. Joel – Derived from Hebrew, meaning “Yahweh is God.”

51. Jonah – Means “dove” in Hebrew.

52. Levi – Hebrew for “attached” or “joined.”

53. Malachi – Means “my messenger” or “my angel” in Hebrew.

54. Micah – Short form of Micaiah, which means “who is like Yahweh?” in Hebrew.

55. Moses – From the Hebrew Moshe, likely meaning “deliver” or “drawn out of the water.”

56. Nathan – Means “he gave” in Hebrew.

57. Nicodemus – Greek origin, meaning “victory of the people.”

58. Obed – Hebrew for “serving” or “worshipper.”

59. Philip – Greek name meaning “friend of horses.”

60. Phineas – Possibly derived from Hebrew, meaning “Nubian” or “serpent’s mouth.”

61. Reuben – Means “behold, a son” in Hebrew.

62. Seth – From Hebrew, meaning “appointed” or “placed.”

63. Silas – Short form of Silvanus, from Latin meaning “wood” or “forest.”

64. Solomon – Derived from Hebrew, meaning “peace.”

65. Stephen – Greek for “crown” or “wreath.”

66. Titus – Latin origin, possibly meaning “title of honor.”

67. Tobias – Greek form of the Hebrew Tobiyah, meaning “Yahweh is good.”

68. Uriah – Hebrew for “Yahweh is my light” or “my flame.”

69. Zachariah – Hebrew, meaning “Yahweh remembers.”

70. Zebulun – Means “exaltation” or “dwelling” in Hebrew.

71. Matthias – Variant of Matthew, meaning “gift of Yahweh” in Hebrew.

72. Abner – Hebrew for “father of light.”

73. Adriel – Means “flock of God” in Hebrew.

74. Amaziah – Hebrew origin, meaning “strength of the Lord.”

75. Azariah – Means “Yahweh has helped” in Hebrew.

76. Barnabas – Aramaic for “son of encouragement” or “son of the prophet.”

77. Clement – Latin origin, meaning “merciful, gentle.”

78. Cornelius – From the Latin cornu, meaning “horn.”

79. Darius – Persian, meaning “he who holds firm the good.”

80. Dionysius – Greek origin, related to Dionysos, the god of wine.

81. Eleazar – Hebrew for “God has helped.”

82. Ephraim – Means “fruitful” in Hebrew.

83. Esau – Hebrew, meaning “hairy” or “rough.”

84. Gad – Means “fortune” or “luck” in Hebrew.

85. Hiram – Phoenician origin, meaning “exalted” or “noble.”

86. Hosea – Hebrew for “salvation” or “he saves.”

87. Ira – Hebrew, meaning “watchful.”

88. Jabez – Hebrew, meaning “he causes pain” or “he will create.”

89. Japheth – Hebrew, possibly meaning “to expand” or “to be beautiful.”

90. Jared – Means “descent” in Hebrew.

91. Jehu – Hebrew for “Yahweh is He.”

92. Jeroboam – Hebrew, meaning “he increases the people.”

93. Jethro – Means “excellence” or “abundance” in Hebrew.

94. Joash – Hebrew for “Yahweh has given.”

95. Job – Means “persecuted” in Hebrew.

96. Jonas – Variant of Jonah, meaning “dove” in Hebrew.

97. Joram – Hebrew, meaning “Yahweh is exalted.”

98. Josiah – Means “Yahweh supports” in Hebrew.

99. Lazarus – Greek form of Eleazar, meaning “God has helped.”

100. Lemuel – Of Hebrew origin, meaning “devoted to God” or “belonging to God.”

101. Manasseh – Means “causing to forget” in Hebrew.

102. Methuselah – Hebrew, meaning “man of the dart” or “man of the javelin.”

103. Mordecai – Possibly of Persian origin, meaning “little man” or “worshipper of Marduk.”

104. Nadab – Hebrew for “generous” or “noble.”

105. Nehemiah – Means “Yahweh comforts” in Hebrew.

106. Obadiah – Hebrew, meaning “servant of Yahweh.”

107. Omar – Hebrew, meaning “speaker” or “eloquent.”

108. Onesimus – Greek, meaning “useful” or “profitable.”

109. Othniel – Hebrew for “lion of God.”

110. Perez – Hebrew, meaning “breach” or “breakthrough.”

111. Raphael – Hebrew for “God heals.”

112. Simeon – Hebrew origin, meaning “he has heard.”

113. Thaddeus – Aramaic origin, possibly meaning “heart” or “courageous.”

114. Tobiah – Hebrew for “Yahweh is good.”

115. Uzziah – Means “my strength is Yahweh” in Hebrew.

116. Zacchaeus – Hebrew origin, meaning “pure” or “innocent.”

117. Zebedee – Hebrew, possibly meaning “gift of Yahweh.”

118. Zephaniah – Means “Yahweh has hidden” in Hebrew.

119. Amaziah – Hebrew for “strength of the Lord.”

120. Azriel – Means “God is my help” in Hebrew.

121. Baruch – Hebrew, meaning “blessed.”

122. Canaan – From the Hebrew, meaning “lowland.”

123. Dan – Short for Daniel, Hebrew for “God is my judge.”

124. Dathan – Hebrew origin, meaning “fountain” or “spring.”

125. Elon – Means “oak tree” in Hebrew.

126. Eran – Hebrew, possibly meaning “awake” or “watchful.”

127. Haggai – Hebrew, meaning “festive” or “my feast.”

128. Ithamar – Hebrew, meaning “island of palms.”

129. Jairus – Hebrew, meaning “he will enlighten.”

130. Kenan – Hebrew for “possession” or “smith.”

131. Lamech – Of uncertain Hebrew origin, possibly meaning “powerful.”

132. Mahlon – Hebrew for “sickness” or “song.”

133. Naphtali – Means “my struggle” in Hebrew.

134. Othniel – Hebrew for “strength of God.”

135. Penuel – Means “face of God” in Hebrew.

136. Raziel – Hebrew, meaning “secret of God.”

138. Saul – Hebrew for “asked for” or “prayed for.”

139. Shem – Hebrew, meaning “name” or “renown.”

140. Tertius – Latin, meaning “third.”

141. Zerubbabel – Hebrew, meaning “seed of Babylon.”

142. Asaph – Hebrew for “collector” or “gatherer.”

143. Dorcas – Greek, meaning “gazelle.”

144. Eber – Hebrew for “beyond” or “region on the other side.”

145. Eliezer – Hebrew, meaning “God is my help.”

146. Gershom – Hebrew, meaning “a stranger there.”

147. Hezekiah – Hebrew for “Yahweh strengthens.”

148. Jehoshaphat – Hebrew, meaning “Yahweh has judged.”

149. Korah – Hebrew for “bald.”

150. Micaiah – Hebrew, meaning “who is like Yahweh?”

151. Nadab – Hebrew for “generous.”

152. Omri – Hebrew, meaning “my sheaf” or “my servant.”

153. Philemon – Greek origin, meaning “affectionate” or “loving.”

154. Reuel – Hebrew, meaning “friend of God.”

155. Sheba – Hebrew, possibly meaning “oath” or “seven.”

156. Tirzah – Hebrew for “delight” or “pleasantness.”

157. Uriel – Hebrew, meaning “God is my light” or “fire of God.”

158. Zebadiah – Hebrew, meaning “Yahweh has bestowed.”

159. Aquila – Latin for “eagle.”

160. Crispus – Latin, meaning “curly-haired.”

161. Ehud – Hebrew for “united.”

162. Gamaliel – Hebrew, meaning “reward of God.”

163. Habakkuk – Hebrew, possibly meaning “embrace.”

164. Irad – Hebrew, meaning “fleet” or “wild donkey.”

165. Joab – Hebrew for “Yahweh is Father.”

166. Kish – Hebrew, meaning “bent” or “snare.”

167. Melchizedek – Hebrew, meaning “king of righteousness.”

168. Nahum – Hebrew, meaning “comforter.”

169. Obal – Hebrew, meaning “bare” or “hollow.”

170. Pallu – Hebrew, possibly meaning “distinguished.”

171. Rapha – Hebrew, meaning “healed” or “comforted.”

172. Seraphim – Hebrew, meaning “burning ones.”

173. Abijah – Hebrew for “my father is Yahweh.”

174. Boanerges – Aramaic, meaning “sons of thunder.”

175. Demetrius – Greek origin, related to the goddess Demeter, meaning “lover of the earth.”

176. Elkanah – Hebrew, meaning “God has created” or “God has possessed.”

177. Festus – Latin origin, meaning “festive” or “joyous.”

178. Gaius – Latin, possibly meaning “to rejoice.”

179. Hanan – Hebrew for “gracious” or “merciful.”

180. Ishmael – Hebrew, meaning “God will hear.”

181. Jehoram – Hebrew, meaning “exalted by Yahweh.”

182. Laban – Hebrew, meaning “white.”

183. Nebuchadnezzar – From Akkadian, meaning “O god Nabu, preserve/defend my firstborn son.”

184. Phanuel – Hebrew, meaning “face of God.”

185. Shadrach – Possibly derived from Akkadian, meaning “command of Aku (the moon god).”

186. Zephaniah – Hebrew, meaning “Yahweh has hidden” or “Yahweh has treasured.”

187. Asaiah – Hebrew, meaning “Yahweh has made.”

188. Chilion – Hebrew, meaning “pining,” “wasting away,” or “completion.”

189. Dibri – Hebrew, possibly meaning “my word” or “my oracle.”

190. Elnathan – Hebrew, meaning “God has given” or “God gives.”

191. Gedaliah – Hebrew for “Yahweh is great.”

192. Hilkiah – Means “my portion is Yahweh” in Hebrew.

193. Jair – Hebrew, meaning “he enlightens” or “he will enlighten.”

194. Kenaz – Hebrew for “this one acquires” or “hunter.”

195. Mica – Short form of Micaiah, meaning “who is like Yahweh?” in Hebrew.

196. Pekah – Hebrew, meaning “open-eyed” or “watchful.”

197. Raguel – Hebrew, meaning “friend of God.”

198. Sethur – Hebrew, meaning “hidden” or “mystery.”

199. Tola – Hebrew for “crimson” or “scarlet.”

200. Uzziel – Means “my strength is God” in Hebrew.

201. Zaccur – Hebrew, meaning “mindful.”

202. Benaiah – Means “Yahweh has built up” in Hebrew.

203. Cyrus – Of Persian origin, meaning “sun,” “throne,” or “lord.”

204. Eliphaz – Hebrew, meaning “my God is fine gold.”

205. Emmanuel – Hebrew, meaning “God is with us.”

What do you think of this list? Do you have favourites on this list of Biblical boy names, their meanings, and origins? Let us know in the comment section below and share your favourite Biblical boy names on the list.

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