Nigerian woman celebrates becoming a US Army member and citizen in a single day

In a viral video circulating online, a Nigerian lady joyfully expresses her elation at achieving two remarkable milestones in a single day—joining the US Army and obtaining citizenship. The lady, whose lifelong aspiration was to be a member of the United States Army and a citizen, finds it surreal that her dream has materialized.

Nigerian lady becomes a US citizen and soldier.

Sharing her joy on TikTok via the handle @foevablessplum, she proudly showcases herself adorned in her Army uniform, symbolizing her newfound status as a naturalized US citizen.

The online community, or “Netizens,” floods the comment section with celebratory messages, acknowledging her significant achievement.

Read some reactions below:

Peter Chilyaeka109 reacted: “How can I do it?”

King Stef said: “Please can I join as an international student??”

User49860573946723 wrote: “Congratulations more to come.”

Abi commented: “Congratulations but please how do I go about getting my son this opportunity.”

Mwizy0: “How does one join, am interested.”

Habeeb brownie: “How, help me.”

Taliban: “Congrats beb and how comes?”

Watch the video below:


I’m definitely not where I want to be, but I’m so thankful for where I’m heading. #army #armylife #graduation #fortjacksonbasictraining #nationalguard

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