“Your first fruit offering is for me and not Church” — Pastor

A South African pastor named John Anosike has stirred online controversy by informing his congregation that their first fruit offering is meant for him personally, not the church.

As the head and founder of New World Faith Ministries based in Cape Town, South Africa, Pastor Anosike addressed his over 8000 church members, declaring that their first fruit is rightfully his as a vessel of God’s word to them.

Pastor John Anosike, Founder of New World Faith Ministries.

He asks them to honor him with their first fruit of the year and they would receive it back in abundance.

Pastor Anosike claims it is for his own welfare and not for the church as usual, and despite criticism he would get for his statement, he stands on it.

However, many internet users do not agree with his claim and have promptly called him out for it.

Watch video here

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