Prophet predicted Ibadan explosion in video trending from 4 months ago

In a viral video, an Osun prophet is seen predicting the Ibadan explosion during a church service, mentioning a light ‘tremor’ in the city.

Back in September, the prophet spoke about an anticipated tremor in Ibadan during one of his services.


He detailed the event, foreseeing a loud shake in the city that would make headlines.

True to his prediction, four months later, an explosion rocked the city of Ibadan, causing destruction and claiming lives on January 16, 2024.


@nobelbenz expressed skepticism: “It is quite impossible to give a detailed and accurate ‘prophecy’ like this. This pastor should be investigated thoroughly; he definitely knows something. Hope this helps?”

@KelTbg questioned the significance: “This talk na just yarn dust. You saw it and it happened. What’s the difference between seeing it and not seeing it?”

@kennyninobrown commented: “Omoooo. People dey see oooo.”

@mr_blogger1 criticized the impact on credibility: “This is how y’all give them the power to become fake and force unreal miracles on people. Cause they will now feel too big and want to do more, and if it doesn’t work, they will want to make it work by force.”

The video can be viewed [here](

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