Verydarkman reveals encounter with Blessing CEO as they cross paths entering and leaving the same police station

Renowned activist, Verydarkman, provides insights into an encounter with Blessing CEO as they coincidentally meet at a police station. Blessing CEO reportedly faces police matters related to the case involving the late Bimbo, the deceased wife of IVD, while Verydarkman visited the station for a separate issue concerning alleged fraud.


He took to his Instagram page to share details of the interesting sight he met at the station.

Verydarkman revealed that he met Blessing CEO entering the station, and also met late Bimbo’s sister at the location.

Blessing Ceo

He stated that Bimbo’s sister, with a very emotional demeanor told him that they were there to continue the case from where they had left off.

It would be recalled that Blessing CEO was arrested in 2022 after she was found guilty of cyberbullying Bimbo’s sister while trying to defend her friend, IVD who was suspected of having a hand in his wife’s death.

Verydarkman stated that Blessing CEO had apparently continued talking about the Bimbo saga and continued in the same line that had got her initially arrested and imprisoned.

Watch him speak …

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