UK-based Nigerian lady cries as hubby throws her out in the cold

UK-based Nigerian lady shares a heartbreaking account as her husband allegedly evicts her from their home, leaving her stranded in the cold.

The lady discloses a dispute with her husband, resulting in him forcibly ejecting her from their house.

Lady and husband.

She revealed that she couldn’t leave the compound and live on the street so she doesn’t get arrested for being a vagrant.

The lady showed the small enclosure she was passing the night in while the cold outside is freezing.

A video she shared showed her with eyes red from crying, showing scenes from their early dating and loving days.

Check out some reactions trailing the lady getting thrown out …

sosodarl reacted: “My dear Dry your tears and contact the police”

everythinglynda.56 said: “Is this d husband? Haaa some women no get taste shaa.”

leaddy30bg remarked: “This one is finished,if the Youkay government gets hold of him,they will toss him out and give his wife papers”

ademola1025 said: “Love is not enough in marriage, kindness, friendship, empathy and forgiveness matters.”

nnenna_blinks_ stated: “You have a case already. You mentioned he is your husband and secondly he threw you out in the cold. This cold wey fit peel person body na yi wey person dey keep you outside? For the sake of your health better report to the police unless na content una dey create.”

puritjames22 commented: “You have right more than him stop deceiving yourself,this is not Nigeria”

ola_jumoke_funmilayo opined: “MARRIAGES are getting so scary these days no matter how scary it seems, Mine will work out for good, it shall be among the best”

crown_wole said: “I no understand this o, na woman dey pursue Man for abroad, how your own different?”

Watch video below …

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