Femi Okunuga – You Are Good [MP3 Download]

Femi Okunuga - You Are Good mp3 downloadFemi Okunuga - You Are Good mp3 downloadRenowned Nigerian worship leader, singer, and songwriter, Femi Okunuga, has unveiled a new worship anthem titled “You Are Good,” now available on various music streaming platforms.

In this soul-stirring masterpiece, Femi Okunuga expresses gratitude for the goodness of God, celebrating His enduring love and faithfulness. Inspired by Psalm 136, the poignant lyrics and mesmerizing vocals convey a message of hope and thanksgiving.

“You Are Good” beautifully encapsulates the boundless love and benevolence of God. Femi’s dynamic voice resonates with profound emotion, reflecting deep reverence and gratitude for God’s unwavering faithfulness and redemptive plan.

Every lyric in the song serves as a testament to the transformative impact of God’s goodness, guiding a sinner from darkness to light and establishing Christ as the focal point of our existence. This composition emerges as a compelling anthem of praise and worship.

Produced by Ayodele Tunde, the accompanying video is directed by Yinka Ibidapo and edited by Anu Okunuga for AmenRadio Productions.

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