What Happens at Glory Reign 2024?

What Happens at Glory Reign 2024?What Happens at Glory Reign 2024?This is a heavenly-ordained congregation of God’s people. Join us as we experience the presence of God like never before at Glory Reign 2024.

Soul-Lifting Worship

Prepare yourself to ascend in worship as we lift our hearts to heaven. Join the heavenly chorus, echoing with melodies of praise and adoration.

Earth-Shaking Praise

Prepare for aa shift as we release our heartfelt praise. Our praises will echo in heaven, to manifest God’s Glory here on earth.

Life-Transforming Word

Receive a life-changing encounter with the Word of God. Dive deep into transformative teachings that will empower and equip you for LIFE.

The Healing School

Experience the supernatural power of God at the Healing School-a place of divine restoration where the power of God will heal all kinds of diseases.

Fiery Prophetic Declarations

God’s Word receives life-altering prophetic words directly into your destiny.

Join the Glory Reign 2024 Experience!

Date: Mon. 22nd – Fri. 26h January 2024. Time: 5pm GMT+1

Live Stream Link – https://smhos.org/livestreaming/

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